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Branding and brochure design

ADSM, a leading utility management company for water and energy efficiency, engaged us to evolve their brand.

The first objective was to develop their existing company logo. This would then set the style for all future communications. We provided ADSM with a number of concepts. The chosen concept was then developed and applied across various media. Working closely with ADSM meant fast iterations of ideas and high visibility of our progress and direction. We designed the ADSM logo to reflect the core of their business – water, environment and energy – by use of colour.

Key to the ADSM brand was to create a logo for one of their services Aquafund, a grant designed to enable organisations to make financial and water savings. This was created in conjunction with the ADSM logo and utilises the same font and coloursway.

As part of the company rebranding, and accompanying product rebrand, we worked on a brochure for one of their services too. This utilised the graphic suite we put together for the company, including colourways, photography, graphic devices and illustration styles. The brochure designs themselves had to work well for the corporate communications, but also be flexible enough to work for each of ADSM’s products.

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