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The Common Good

A book designed for The Greenham Trust

We offer a variety of book design services for self-publishers and first-time authors to help create a book for you that will stand out in both the printed and eBook market. Our design services include:

  • Copy editing
  • Proof reading
  • Text layout (typically from a Word document)
  • Bespoke cover designs to suit all budgets
  • Scanning of photographs and artwork

Copy editing

The copy edit will be made to your Word document. Our copy editor will liaise directly with you and we will show the suggested changes which could include:

  • checking text to ensure it is well written and logically structured
  • correct grammar and spelling
  • ensure the text is in line with the publisher’s ‘house style’ if applicable
  • check facts and raise queries with the author
  • look out for potential legal problems and discuss them with the publisher
  • check illustrations and captions are correct.

Text layout

We will design the book to the trim size that you require using the fonts that you would like. Initially we will show you a sample proof of the preliminary pages and the first chapter which will include page numbering and running heads. You can then make comments and adjustments to this initial design to make sure the remainder of the book is looking how you wish. We can also scan or integrate any illustrations, line drawings or graphs that you require.


Cover design

If you have designed your own cover but just need help placing it in professional layout software then we can do that for you or we can create a bespoke cover design from scratch that will really sell your book to include your own photographs or bespoke illustrations

Proof reading

We offer the service of proof reading your book. This will occur after the book has been designed to ensure that page numbers are consecutive, watch out for typographical and design inconsistencies, cross check chapter titles with the table of contents and ensure illustrations and their captions correspond.

eBook conversion

We can arrange the design of your book into an eBook ready to be viewed on all devices including the Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iPad and Sony book reader. We can also help you upload the book onto Kindle Direct Publishing or any other e bookstore

Publicity materials

We can create designs and arrange printing of any promotional materials including bookmarks, postcards or posters. These can include the images of your cover and would be ideal to publicise your book.