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ADCAS Bespoke Website

ADCAS Bespoke Website

ADCAS Bespoke Website

Meet the client

Association of Ductwork Contractors and Allied Services (ADCAS)

A dedicated organisation for ductwork contractors, allied suppliers and manufacturers of equipment for ventilation and air conditioning.

Their aim is to promote better specification, design and installation of ductwork and to work with other organisations such as BESA, BSRIA and FETA to promote the interests of their members.


Our task

The old website was well past its sell by date and in need of a complete rebuild. It was decided that we should build a more stable bespoke website, rather than using anything off the shelf.

The most capable and flexible web-designers we’ve worked with. Rare Designs’ consistent Can-Do attitude gets thing done!

Malcolm Moss

President, ADCAS

The benefits Of Custom-Built Sites

There are no limitations, we can create it for you…

This is a very flexible solution

The website we design and build for you can change and adapt to your future needs and requirements. Only a truly bespoke design will be able to cope with large scale changes and regular fresh additions.

Search results

We build Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) into the structure of your website, which, produces better search results in search engines like Google. This has a real benefit when it comes to SEO as it gives you greater freedom to make changes and adapt your website to fit in with ongoing changes in the way search engines work. 

E-commerce requirements

We will work with you to produce a great looking, functional online store that is easy to update and maintain.

Enhanced User Experience

We think about how a user will navigate the site and ensure that they can find what they are looking for quickly in as few a clicks as possible.

Brand Identity

Your website is tailored to your individual needs and perfectly represents all aspects of your your brand. Your website will stand out from the crowd and wow potential clients and make a fantastic first impression.

Cost efficient

When you buy a bespoke website, there is nothing wasted on features that you will not use. All development costs ensure you’re getting tailored functions to fit your needs.


Bespoke websites are much more secure than ‘off-the-shelf templated’ websites.

Bespoke CMS means we write the code ourselves so we have complete control over what is running on the website. There are no third-party plugins that might contain security vulnerabilities because they are no longer maintained. There’s no need for you to worry about keeping things up to date.



Ibicus self promotional animation

Would you like an animated video?

They are a cost effective way to present a more personal side of your company. The aim should just be to gently remind customers that you are there, as well as reinforcing a positive company image.

A unique idea can prove a real talking point. We offer creative, bespoke designs including cartoons, illustration, photo manipulation, design and layout, meaning your design will be highly personal and stand out from the crowd. We work closely with clients to create a design that not only delivers a seasonal message but also says something about the company at the same time.


If a picture paints a thousands words imagine what twenty five frames a second can do! Every video and animation we create helps illustrate the story behind a brand, product or service through the magic of motion.