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Coopers Honey & Bees

Coopers Honey & Bees







Coopers Honey & Bees

Branding and Packaging

The first objective was to develop their existing company logo. This would then set the style for all future communications. We provided Coopers Honey & Bees with a number of concepts. The chosen concept was then developed and applied across various media. Working closely with Coopers Honey & Bees meant fast iterations of ideas and high visibility of our progress and direction. 

Adventure Valley Re-Brand

Adventure Valley Re-Brand

Adventure Valley

Re-Branding and website design for Adventure Valley and Adventure Valley Day Nursery & Pre-School

The first objective was to develop their existing company logo. This would then set the style for all future communications. We provided Adventure Valley with a number of concepts. The chosen concept was then developed and applied across various media. Working closely with Adventure Valley meant fast iterations of ideas and high visibility of our progress and direction. We designed the Adventure Valley logo to reflect the core of their business – farmyard fun – by use of colour.

The new site is designed in a way that allows the personality of the brand to come through. Adventure Valley is fun and colourful and so is the design of the new website. With the use of bold typography and images, the design system is solely focused on highlighting the upcoming events, the savings that can be made by booking online and the all weather play. Interactions and animations bring the site to life in a way that is easy to use.

When thinking about the homepage, we spent time considering where our users were coming from. Because a large portion of users were coming from blogs and social channels, we wanted to create an experience that promoted similar content to what pushed them to the site in the first place.

The home page (as well as the entire experience) is built using various components and layout modules that can be mixed and matched to tell seasonal stories, push new events, and highlight editorial content.

We just wanted to say thank you so much for doing that job for us so quickly. It looks perfect and has all been signed off. We really appreciate your speedy help!

Agility Marketing

Smoke Control Association

Smoke Control Association

The Smoke Control Association

Meet the client

The Smoke Control Association (SCA) aim is to promote and enhance the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of life safety smoke ventilation systems across all types of building.

It’s members strive to lead the market and to ensure that all smoke ventilation systems and products are designed and installed in accordance with all relevant regulations and standards, for the benefit of building owners, building occupants and the wider community.


Our task

To enhance ‘The Smoke Control’s’ brand, giving them a greater presence online, designing and developing a clean functional website that gives high impact. The website has a bespoke Content Management System (CMS) where the client has full control over the content.

There has been great feedback from SE Controls. The new website looks great. Well done Jason for all your hard work.

Chris Brown

Smoke Control Association

The benefits Of Custom-Built Sites

There are no limitations, we can create it for you…

This is a very flexible solution

The website we design and build for you can change and adapt to your future needs and requirements. Only a truly bespoke design will be able to cope with large scale changes and regular fresh additions.

Search results

We build Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) into the structure of your website, which, produces better search results in search engines like Google. This has a real benefit when it comes to SEO as it gives you greater freedom to make changes and adapt your website to fit in with ongoing changes in the way search engines work. 

E-commerce requirements

We will work with you to produce a great looking, functional online store that is easy to update and maintain.

Enhanced User Experience

We think about how a user will navigate the site and ensure that they can find what they are looking for quickly in as few a clicks as possible.

Brand Identity

Your website is tailored to your individual needs and perfectly represents all aspects of your your brand. Your website will stand out from the crowd and wow potential clients and make a fantastic first impression.

Cost efficient

When you buy a bespoke website, there is nothing wasted on features that you will not use. All development costs ensure you’re getting tailored functions to fit your needs.


Bespoke websites are much more secure than ‘off-the-shelf templated’ websites.

Bespoke CMS means we write the code ourselves so we have complete control over what is running on the website. There are no third-party plugins that might contain security vulnerabilities because they are no longer maintained. There’s no need for you to worry about keeping things up to date.

Logo design: The Grain Store Kitchen

Logo design: The Grain Store Kitchen

The Grain Store Kitchen

Rare Design were given the task to design a logo and branding for Mead Open Farms café, a popular children’ s farm park.

They say first impressions count and none more so than your business logo and branding. A logo represents your brand’s objectives differentiating you from your competition. You have one chance to make a first impression. We’ll make sure it’s perfect.

So, when you’re fed up with all the free logos available online and you want something truly original, something not created in Microsoft Word using clip art, give Rare Design a call.Our design process starts on paper, sketching ideas and working up some of the more promising ideas in Illustrator. We will supply you with a variety of ideas and together, we will work to a final version. Once finished, this will be sent to you in different formats for use across all your marketing material whether it’s on- or off-line.

At Rare we aim to provide you with the personalized creativity your project deserves, but without the large prices of design agencies with lots of overheads to account for.So whether you want to launch a start-up or refresh an established brand Rare Design can help!

Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo design is about interpreting a brand through an iconic mark. It is a visual device that will serve as an instantly recognisable calling card for a business, and perhaps reflect the essence of the product or service in its make-up.

Chic Events

Chic Events

Chic Events

After getting to know the client, we were able to put together a branding package that truly encompassed the core values of the company. The use of hand-drawn fonts and a classic color combination brought forward the tasteful sense of modern style for this brand. The resulting branding accentuated the qualities that make Chic Events unique.